How to Style: Plaid Shirts 

This is the second post on the little How to Style: ____ series on my blog, and so today I decided to whip up a post on plaid. This is the absolute perfect timing for plaid because of the simple reason that Fall is around the corner. Fall is the perfect timing to bring out the abandoned “not too summer” vibes out and put them to play.

Plaid is a basic item that, in my opinion, everyone should have in their wardrobes. Its a clothing type that can be worn in so many different ways that would suit so many different kinds of looks (hipster, classy, maybe even hobo). Bascially it can be dressed up or down.

Plaid looks so good with jeans. I put in this little tip for all the kids that have trouble wearining something other than black plants or leggings (serisouly feel you). If you have trouble paring denim with something, try plaid. At least 8/10 times it should look great. You can wear boyfriend jeans with it as well, but I won’t go too into detail for that because you’ll see a post about that later. Hint hint ;) Jeans, plaid, and maybe some keds or sneakers will go for that casual look.

Plaid with cardigans over or a lather jacket and black pants will get everyone thinking your the best dressed babes. Throw in some booties and you’ll look as good as the models on the run way this week. (Fashion week whoop!) No but seriously, you’ll look amazing as long as you feel comfortable in it. 

Shown Above: Forever 21 black jeans, Rue 21 plaid shirt, Keds/black booties, and Benettim Jeans Boyfriend Jeans (not sure about the BF jeans)

Find the posts on this series: here. I hope you’re having a good day! Xxx

P.S If you have any requests/suggestions for this little series, let me know! 





Probably my favorite thing about Bob’s Burgers is that they don’t do that thing where the characters try to one-up each other with an endless barrage of jokes? No, the characters react like actual people instead. They actually laugh or chuckle when somebody says something actually funny and/or weird. They stop mid-sentence. They do double-takes. And it all feels so very natural, because that is exactly what common people do. And that is such a refreshing change of pace, when you consider the fact that the norm in these things is to have jokes relentlessly thrown at you at break-necking speed.

also the comedy doesn’t rely on the parents hating and berating eachother idk i love that

it shows how you don’t need to be offensive to be funny

general banter is the best way to write dialogue